Three Dimensional Printing

Inventors Max Bogue and Peter Dilworth have invented a unique pen that draws in the air.

A colorful spool of plastic thread is fed into the pen.

The thread is then extruded as heated plastic that cools and solidifies instantly as it exits the tip.

This allows solid 3D structures to be drawn on any surface or from any surface into the air.

The pen, called a 3Doodler, weights approximately 7 ounces (198 g) and is 7 inches (17.7 cm) long. It requires no technical knowledge or software and plugs into an electrical outlet.

Max and Peter have received over 2.2 million dollars worth of advanced orders for their three dimensional printing pen.

They expect to fulfill those orders and launch the product in the fall of this year.

The co-inventors met while working for WowWee, a company based in Hong Kong that develops consumer technologies.

Peter consulted WowWee as an independent inventor. He had previously worked on robotics at MIT and contributed to a number of innovations including the infamous Uno Dicycle motorcycle.

Max was an R&D project manager with WowWee and has extensive experience in bringing products to market.


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